Choosing a bathtub for your baby

Now that you have taken your little bundle of joy home from the hospital, and her umbilical cord stump has fallen off, you are ready to give her the first real bath. No wonder that you are so excited. However, it is also true that the excitement often fades to trepidation when you eventually realize that somehow you are supposed to combine your little squirmy with those slippery soap suds. Well, this is exactly where a baby bathtub becomes immensely useful.


Until your baby is capable of sitting up on his or her own power, giving her a bath in the adult tub can be a hassle and even dangerous. Some of the parents will even try to get in the tub with the little one. Nevertheless, it should be said that this also has its own risks - one slip and baby could bump his or her head or drown. In addition to that, trying to lean over the edge of the tub to clean all those tiny baby parts is very hard on the back. Well, when it comes to baby bathtubs, they can often allow you to bath baby on a countertop, table, or in the kitchen sink without any hassle or risk.


What options are available?

You will find that there is a massive variety of baby bathtubs for you to choose from. Some of those products may be made of hard plastic, others may be folded for compact storage, and some are even available as inflatable models. Many of those are designed with features that help cradle baby in a very comfortable position during the bath. In addition to that, you may even find one that will fit inside your regular tub or on the changing table if your home is short on space.


Well, in this case, you can simply choose the baby bathtub that appeals most to you. The most basic model of tubs will simply be a large tub that holds water. Others will include a large variety of features designed to make baby more comfortable apart from making things easier for mom and dad.


Important points to consider

When you shop online for a baby tub, there are several important points to consider.


  • If you intend to purchase a plastic tub, be sure to check its overall sturdiness and thickness. It is obvious that the tub will need to hold both baby's weight as well as the water.


  • If you are dealing with minimal space, you may have to go for a folding tub which is easier to store. Nevertheless, there are many parents who do not feel that these baby bathtubs are as sturdy as ones that do not fold up for storage.


  • Some of the baby bathtubs are designed for use from infancy into toddlerhood. Some of the parents like these because the adjustable features allow them to make use of the tub longer so that allows them to prolong the time specifically when they have to put their child into the adult tub.


  • Also, you should keep in mind that the moisture left in the baby bathtub can end up causing mold and mildew. In this case, a plug at the base of the baby bathtub will drain water easily.


Before using the bathtub, it is exceptionally important to inspect the bathtub for sharp edges and rough spots.