Preparing your baby for sleep

We all know that putting your baby into sleep requires motherly time. We hardly have anything to do but wait until our baby falls into sleep by himself. Also, we cannot force them to sleep as they are so helpless in almost everything that is happening around them. One of the most difficult parts of raising a child is at an early age. They frequently become inconsistent as to their time of falling asleep and waking up. Pretty much all the parents usually get tired of going to the office early in the morning particularly because they have to take care of their little ones before leaving home. With that said, mentioned below are some simple tips on how to prepare your child to sleep well in time.


Now that the baby has spent a long day, help her wind down. You should calm or relax your baby simply by playing with him or her. You can play simple games or both listen to soft music. If not, you can even try to softly talk to her.


You should feed your baby. Then, you should always remember that breastfeeding your baby is the most favorable choice. Once the feeding is done, just have her burp. This is particularly important to prevent her from having gas pains or from vomiting her consumed milk.


It is also important to bathe your baby before putting her in bed. The best approach is to use warm water so that she won't cry feeling the unnecessary cold. If your baby is still at her very young age, it is advisable to use a clean cloth that is dipped in warm water and gently scrubbing her. Also, you must make sure that you wipe your babies' gums gently. If not, you can even brush her teeth before sleeping. This is important to prevent oral problems later on.


Now, you should put some clean clothes and a diaper on your baby. As a result, she will feel comfortable in her long sleep. In addition to that, be sure to check on the room temperature to prevent your baby from catching a cold or to feel hot as this will make them uncomfortable and might disrupt their sleep.


When you have everything is in place, put her on a crib. If not, keep her beside you to prepare her to sleep. Well, reading a book is advisable as it will help babies stimulate their brain cells and helps her to get closer to you. In addition to that, it will help your baby to be calm and to have a comfortable environment.


As the final step, let your baby sleep on her own. When the baby cries and wakes up, just comfort her and relax her again. If the baby continues to cry just try to feed her or check her diapers.


If you leave her in the room alone, have a baby monitor to keep a track on your baby so you can finish the other daily tasks before hitting the bead.