Taking care of your toddler’s hair

Let’s start with the good news – hair care for babies and toddlers is not complicated at all. However, things can become complicated if you do not handle it the correct way. With that said, mentioned below are some important things you should know about your toddler’s hair care.


Before everything else, the baby’s hair should be washed using a gentle shampoo which is formulated especially not to irritate the eyes. You can choose a baby shampoo or baby body wash. There is no particular advantage to each one provided neither irritates the eyes.


Very young children only require their hair washed only every other day. You don’t have to wash their hair on daily basis. Nevertheless, once the little ones have started to eat solids, you might find you need to wash their hair on a daily basis. That is specifically because will tend to smear food on their heads. In addition to food, they tend to soil their hair with other stuff as well. If you don’t want to wash their hair on a daily basis, you can clean their head with some other way with less intervention between washings with shampoo. For instance, use a clean damp washcloth and that will be sufficient for babies who are bald or have very short hair.


Babies who are with an African-American origin have beautiful curly hair. However, even that type of hair has a tendency to be dry. To achieve the best hair health, these babies should obviously have their hair shampooed only once or twice a week. There are plenty of baby shampoos designed especially for African American babies. In fact, those varieties of shampoos usually have additional natural moisturizing ingredients such as aloe to help guard against dryness.


Both toddlers and babies don’t usually like their hair to be washed. However, as time goes by, they will get used to the situation. However, if they continue to dislike water on their faces, just use a visor to protect their eyes from both water and shampoo.


Once they have washed their hair, just allow it dry naturally before brushing to avoid stretching and breaking the hair. In certain cases, you will face situations where the hair needs to be brushed before it is completely dry (e.g. a toddler girl who has good hair growth). In that case, you will have to use a wide-toothed comb and be very gentle. You must be 100% sure that any brushes you use are a soft baby variety, and each child should have their own one.


You are not supposed to use conditioner on the babies. However, you can use it on toddlers only if it is required. For instance, you can use dry, brittle, or tangled hair. Also, you must be careful to use only a baby conditioner variety and not an adult conditioner.


Like mentioned at the beginning of the article, baby and toddler hair care is not at all difficult and should be kept low-key and gentle.