Trimming the nails of your newborn for the first time

It is true that you are excited and nervous very much when it is time to trim the nails of your newborn for the first time. But you should know that with practice, anyone can do it.


You must know in the first place that hugging and cuddling are different from trimming the fingernails of the baby. Naturally, some parents are also scared to cut the nails of their babies. The parents never want to hurt the baby but still, they want to ensure that the baby does not scratch with the nails not cut. If the nails are not perfectly trimmed, there are chances of scratch marks on the face of the baby.


Whenever the fear of cutting the baby’s fingernails is gone, the parents find the entire process very easy. In fact, the nails of the newborn baby are significantly soft and it can be trimmed with the help of nail files. If that is something, you do not find appropriate for your baby's nails, then you can use a pair of clippers too.


Well, you must understand that the clipper used for cutting the baby’s nail should be specially used for the babies. You should never use the ones which you use for your nails. The best way to soften the nails of the baby and making the entire cutting process smooth is by dipping the fingers of the baby in the water.


If you ever find it difficult to cut your baby’s nail when she is awake, just do it when they are fast asleep. The entire process of trimming the fingernails is very painless and one can do it without necessarily disturbing the baby in its sleep. Also, it would also be an easier way to cut the fingernails of the baby.


When it comes to cutting their fingernails, you will have to place the baby on your lap before cutting their fingernails. You should hold the finger smoothly and try to expose the finger to the trimmer before cutting the nail. Make sure that you never go overboard with the cutting and try to get rid of just the whiter portion of the nail. Also, the sharp edges of the nails must be smoothed with the help of a file once the cutting is done. It is a good practice to trim the fingernails about once in a week and the toenails could be trimmed once in a fortnight as it takes some more time to grow.


If by any chance, you happen to cut the flesh of the baby's finger instead of the nail, you will definitely feel horrific and frustrated. But there is no need to panic. Just grab a clean white cloth and place it on the cut finger of the baby. Then, hold it for a certain period so the bleeding will stop. You should never use a band-aid as it would not be very helpful and more importantly, you might later find your baby sucking on the finger which is covered with a band-aid. This might look very difficult for the parent initially but everything would fall in its place later on.