Using a baby nasal aspirator properly

This article could be very handy for anyone who wants to know how to use a baby nasal aspirator properly. The most important thing you should have to use this special device is patience. If you are not patient enough, that will make it really difficult for the bay as well as you. So, if you are that type of person who gets easily frustrated, the best move is to get the assistance of someone else to remove the mucus while you assist in another manner. In fact, this is not necessarily to discourage you; but it is in experts’ opinion the safest for you and your baby. At the end of this article, you will learn how to properly use a baby aspirator.


Well, the entire process of using an aspirator can be broken down into five simple steps. However, it is vitally important that you follow each step precisely so you will not end up causing any injury to the baby. In addition to that, you may also want to ask for assistance while performing these steps.


Step 01:

As the first step, you should hold the baby nasal aspirator at an angle with your index and middle finger on the top and with your thumb on the bottom. This is particularly similar to the way you are holding a syringe.


Step 02:

Now, with the thumb on the bottom, you should squeeze the aspirator till the complete stop. But what you should remember is that you shouldn’t do this while the aspirator is in the baby's nostril. Do this only when it is away from your baby's nose. Please note that squeezing is not necessary at all if you are using an advanced, modern-day electric nasal aspirator.


Step 03:

This is exactly when you require the assistance of someone. Make sure to place the baby on your arms or even on a flat surface. Then, hold your baby's head from moving around. You should not create a panic scene here because the baby will start to feel it as well. Now, gently and slowly insert the tip of the baby nasal aspirator into your baby's nostrils pointing the tip in the direction of the mucus.


Step 04:

You can now release the thumb from the bottom of the aspirator so that it creates a "suction" effect. This effect will remove the mucus. However, if you are using an electric nasal aspirator, all you have to do is to press its button to start the suction. Now, you should quickly grab a soft cloth and wipe from the tip of the aspirator in a downward motion to remove the mucus.


Step 05:

Just repeat the steps until your baby's nasal passage is clear.


However, if you notice that the baby’s nasal passage is highly congested, you might have to use a humidifier in the room or even use a hot shower before sucking the mucus out. Also, if your baby has breathing difficultly, don’t hesitate to consult her pediatrician immediately.