Using a baby teether and other techniques to soothe a teething

Infants often experience pretty extreme discomfort conditions during the time they undergo teething. As a result of that discomfort, they will cry, drool, and put various different things in their mouth. As a smart parent, you would do anything to help ease this discomfort your little bundle of joy is facing. You might be able to come across some remedies and solutions available at a baby boutique. However, there are some instances where you will have to consult a medical professional for additional help.


How to soothe the pain associated

In fact, teething is a totally natural process that all infants go through. This normally can range between 3 to 4 months up to about 3 years. The first couple of teeth are found to be the most painfully and often require something to ease the pain. With that said, there are some common remedies that parents have practiced throughout the years and have been found to be significantly effective. Some of these methods include the use of a baby teether and others involve some activities you can carry out.


The very first method used is to rub the gums of the baby using your finger. However, it is exceptionally important to make sure that your finger is properly cleaned. If not, you can use a moistened piece of gauze. The pressure applied through your finger will provide a soothing effect on the gum. The baby's mouth should also be kept very clean at all times. In addition to that, you must check for infections or swelling which would require immediate medical intervention.


You must also be careful not to allow your little one to put various potentially harmful things in the mouth. In addition to that, you can also consider using a mild oral ointment or over-the-counter painkiller medication. However, it is imperative to stay away from pain relievers that comprise Benzocaine (it comes with an FDA issued warning against it). The application of cold soon after is another remedy that is found to be helpful. With that said, you could use any of the following methods for this purpose.

  • Provide your child some frozen of the frozen solid foods such as frozen fruits.
  • Use a clean piece of cloth dipped in cold water.
  • Never offer your baby ice cubes as it could be a choking hazard


Using baby teethers for infants

It is not hard to find a variety of baby teethers at almost any baby boutique. A chilled teether can also be effective in cooling the affected area. However, you should make sure the teether is not chilled. The extreme cold could be harmful to your little one and therefore, it should be avoided. Also, you should read carefully what the teether is made of before you purchase one for use. A safe teether would be free of heavy metals, PVC, BPA, Phthalates, and other harmful compounds and should be designed in such a way to prevent a choking hazard.